1.Prospective Supplier Selection

2.Bid Request

3.Bid Submission

4.Supplier Selection and Price Negotiation

5.Contract Conclusion

6.Delivery, Inspection, and Payment

Established in 1959, MEHRABAD industrial company is listed as an entity in the world of electric industry.  Since its foundation, it has always adhered to procurement and refurbishment services for transmission and distribution projects in the power, water and sewage, automotive, petrochemical, petroleum and gas industries.

We provide our customers with the right processes, global market data and skilled professionals to meet our commitment.  Through our office from abroad and a designated selection process, suppliers shall be evaluated by product quality, reliability, delivery, price, technical development ability from a worldwide point of view.

MEHRABAD shall provide procurement engineering for optimization of clients’ requests, supplier diversity, documenting of procurement process for clients, purchasing, accurate monitoring up and continuous reporting to the contractors from the stage of signing the contracts with the inspectors to the clearance and delivery of goods at the project site.